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Ventana Fine Art is located in the historical red brick schoolhouse on Santa Fe's famous Canyon Road. For 35 years, Ventana has enjoyed the reputation as one of the Southwest's premier exhibition spaces, showcasing the best in contemporary American painting and sculpture. Our comfortable sun-filled gallery opens to two inviting, beautifully landscaped sculpture gardens, and visitors are welcomed seven days a week.

Greg Smith


After earning his degree in graphic design from the Colorado Institute of Art, Gregory T. Smith worked in graphic design for only a year and a half before giving in to his lifelong passion for fine art and undertaking a series of classical studies that now give his work its impressive authority and sublime beauty.  That training includes two years of rigorous study at the Florence Academy of Art where he studied under professional painters grounded in the ideals of the Italian Renaissance and the classical realist traditions that  re-flourished in pre Impressionist Europe and then again worldwide at the end of the 20th and beginning of the 21st Centuries.  Smith continued his classical formation in the Ateliers of Peter Bougie in Minneapolis and the Hurinenko and Paquet Studio in St. Paul.

     All of these institutions were founded on the premise of providing the highest level of instruction in classical drawing, painting, and sculpture.  This can be summed up as a return to discipline, the canons of beauty, the direct study of nature, and learning from the Old Masters.   “I have always looked toward nature as my guide in painting, says Smith in his studio in the Rockies.  “My paintings are about thoughts and ideas, not just how well I can reproduce nature.  I try to visualize the finished work before I start painting.”

Skilled, schooled, and dedicated to producing timeless, world-class work, Gregory T. Smith is master painter whose aspirations and achievements have the unmistakable ring of greatness.


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