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Ventana Fine Art is located in the historical red brick schoolhouse on Santa Fe's famous Canyon Road. For 35 years, Ventana has enjoyed the reputation as one of the Southwest's premier exhibition spaces, showcasing the best in contemporary American painting and sculpture. Our comfortable sun-filled gallery opens to two inviting, beautifully landscaped sculpture gardens, and visitors are welcomed seven days a week.

Jennifer Davenport

Jennifer Davenport is one of the two artists in our up coming show in June "Cosmopolitan Color Contemporaries"

Jubilee 60" X 60" Acrylic

Jubilee detail

One of many outstanding aspects of Jennifer Davenport current body of work is an entrancing fusion of strength and softness.   Davenport understands principles like dominance and subordination in color design, harmonious shape-building, textural interest, opacity, translucency, rhythm, and exquisite balance. That deep grasp makes her paintings treasures of visual information, with every element relating essentially to every other in seamless coherence.  Davenport offers the spectator infinite points of embarkation for the imagination and the soul. Exciting, soothing, fascinating in close-up and at distance, Jennifer Davenport’s paintings invite and stand up to repeated viewings, always yielding something fresh and heretofore undiscovered. 

Paul-Henri Bourguignon

Paul-Henri Bourguignon (1906–1988) was a talented visual artist, a prolific writer and journalist, a skillful photographer, and an avid observer of the human condition.

Born in Belgium in 1906, Bourguignon began his arts studies
in Brussels' Académie des Beaux Arts and then studied art history at the Université Libre de Bruxelles. His first solo exhibition was at the Galérie d'Egmont in Brussels at age 22.

Bourguignon traveled widely in France, Spain, and Italy, North Africa, Corsica, and Yugoslavia. He lived in both Haiti and Peru. He met his wife, Erika, in Haiti and they settled in Columbus, Ohio in 1950 after she joined the faculty of The Ohio State University.

During his long and prolific life, he amassed a large and varied group of paintings—early gouaches and later acrylics—and numerous pencil, pastel and ink-wash drawings. Many of the gouache paintings from the 1950s and 1960s depict tranquil landscapes, rich cultural interpretations and evocative portraits, figures, and genre scenes that were derived from his travels. In the 1970s, his landscapes and figural scenes took new directions and became less specifically descriptive. The works were expressionistic, often with whimsical, vulnerable, or tragic figures revealed in delightfully complex interactions of brushstrokes and texture.

Viewers have described his work as "timeless, passionate
and visionary."

Paul-Henri Bourguignon                         The Palace, Port-au-Prince                        Acrylic                        15" X 22.5"

Paul-Henri Bourguignon                        The Palace, Port-au-Prince                       Acrylic                        15" X 22.5"

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