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Ventana Fine Art is located in the historical red brick schoolhouse on Santa Fe's famous Canyon Road. For 35 years, Ventana has enjoyed the reputation as one of the Southwest's premier exhibition spaces, showcasing the best in contemporary American painting and sculpture. Our comfortable sun-filled gallery opens to two inviting, beautifully landscaped sculpture gardens, and visitors are welcomed seven days a week.

natasha isenhour

     I have always been an artist.  It's just the way that I process life.  From a very early age, I was given a guitar.  From that moment, the notes filling the air expressed another aspect of what I felt inside.  Later I added writing to my creative process.  My muse penned poetry, prose, and journal ramblings that seemed to articulate a voice inside that spoke a language all its own.


     After exploring a lot of what life had to offer, I had the serendipitous opportunity to pick up a paint brush and discovered the very thing that made my heart sing.  I had found the gift that picked up where the notes and words fell short.  I realized I was a painter.

     Since finding my voice as an artist, I have had the honor of being shown in London, England, and Florence, Italy, as well as throughout the Southwest.  My paintings are collected internationally.  My work has evolved from primarily architectural portraiture to animal portraiture, primarily birds.  Whatever the subject, I am striving to capture the essence of the place or sentient being.  I don't rely on surrounding environment or absolute biologic accuracy.  Rather, I try to share with you a conversation or an emotion that you can hear or feel within yourself.

     Every painting is a self-portrait.

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